About Us

Metropolitan Cathedral is a church of the Abyssinian Apostolic faith and order. We are an international house of worship, dedicated to proclaiming the love, grace and salvation of our Lord and Savior Yahusha Meschiach (Jesus Christ) to all men and women of every kindred, nation and tongue.

We are an active, vibrant, living community of faith and love, proclaiming the Gospel of Yahusha Meschiach, and uniting the three streams of Christendom. We are active in the Convergence Movement, melding together in one cohesive body:


We are part of the national church known as the Abyssinian Apostolic Church 

Metropolitan Cathedral is a Church for the end-times – boldly proclaiming the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and calling all men to repentance and faith.

Our Church is a work of love in the City of Louisville. We endeavor to be the beacon of hope and to show forth the light and love of Christ in word and deed throughout our community.

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